Sales conditions


Linings and leather for shoes and leather industries
  • The purchase order from the customer is deemed to be confirmed only after the approval of the seller.

  • Delivery terms: unless differently agreed, delivery is intended ex-works. The moment goods are delivered to transport company, buyer is totally responsible for transport risks, no matter which are the delivery terms agreed.

  • Quantity: sold goods are measured in square meters, +/- 2%.

  • Delivery: delays in delivery due force majeure are not blamed on supplier.

  • Prices may be subject to change without notice for sudden change in both the price of raw materials and the euro/dollar exchange.

  • Suspension of orders: Supplier can suspend orders in case of irregular behavior from Buyer’s side.

  • Warranties for defects and complaints: the seller is not liable for hidden defects not inspected at the time of delivery of the goods. Any defects and complaints must be notifies to the vendor by registered A/R mail within 8 (eight) days of receipt of goods.
    Guarantee for: “Chromium VI, Pentachlorophenol, Azo dyes and formaldehyde”: the selling company will loan that specific guarantee, pledging withdrawal of products that exceed the percentage limits of the law, provided that:

    • the buyer, in contradiction with the representative of the seller (since the selection of the sample), has operated appropriate laboratory within 15 days from receipt of goods;

    • the buyer, if the results of the analysis indicate the limits are exceeded, communicate by registered A/R mail with the results of the same copy of the relevant report within 8 (eight) days after the investigation. This term will be of 15 (fifteen) days for foreign supplies;

    • the claim must be received by the seller before starting to cut the leather. Each share of guarantee referred to in article 7 will lapse after twelve (12) months from the delivery of goods.

  • Applicable Law and Competent Court: for any matter not included in the General Sales Conditions, sales are ruled by Italian law. Any dispute is of sole competence of the Civil and Penal Court of Fermo (FM) Italy, expressly renouncing to any other court.

  • We inform you that according to art.13 of LD 196/2003 we will use data given by you for accountancy and fiscal purposes through IT. We will not deliver your data to a third party. In any moment you can refer to art.7 of LD 196/2003.